a 2,222 NFT collection to web2 SaaS company

We are building a future bluechip & jibberjam.

All holder perks:

free life-time subscription to jibberjam
unlimited beta access
early access to new features
supporter badge on your user profile
access to our private Discord
god tier art PFP
the option to contribute to the platform
access to partner (web2 and 3) tools

If you hold a bozo with an ‘OK’ trait, you will also have the chance of getting a high-value NFT from another collection (minimum value ≈ 0.5e) sent to your wallet every month.

The HV NFTs will be purchased using a percentage of jibberjams monthly recurring revenue, once it goes public. Because why not? 

the man with the plan – marketing fossil that likes to make shit go boom for fun
the inventor of skynet – makes dreams become realities with code and things
the egyptian god – loves mummies and loves his network even more than that
the viking opportunist – carries an axe and encourages people to partner and comply
the web3 floozy – a serial socialite who knows anyone and everyone in the space
the ruler of discords – has erased entire bloodlines because of bad conduct